We Finally Meet!!!

After what seemed like an eternity they finally bring my baby girl into my room, she was sedated at this point and inside of her incubator, she was so beautiful I opened one of the holes on the side of the incubator and grabbed her little hand and just rubbed her tiny little fingers and hands. The Doctors tell me how sick Janelle is and how they are about to transport her to Florida Hospital for Children where they have a great NICU department there, my delivering hospital did not have a NICU on their facility. I get to see my baby girl for about 20 minutes before she is whisked away to a hospital about 25 minutes from me. I am not able to see her for the next 3 days as my Doctor is not discharging me until my blood pressure comes done. My husband at this point is traveling between my hospital and my baby’s hospital about two to three times a day bringing me pictures and giving me updates on our daughter.

After the longest  three days of my life I’m finally discharged and I take a cab to her hospital because my husband left earlier that morning on my discharge day because her Dr. called and said she had two seizures that morning. I get there , My husband meets me downstairs with a wheelchair, he takes my stuff from the hospital to the car and we go up to see my baby. This was my first time seeing her since the night I delivered her. I started crying when I saw her laying there in her little crib, so sick and there was nothing I could do. I just remember kissing her little hands and staring at her, I couldn’t believe this was my baby. She just laid  there with all these machines hooked up to her, a breathing machines, lots of tubes that fed her vitamins and these little sticky pads on her head that was wrapped by head gauze as they kept an EKG machine on her to monitor her  brain activity. Because of the placental abruption I had she suffered from oxygen deprivation, which caused a lot of brain damage , This is what was causing the seizures, and no movement from her.




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