My journey to becoming an angel mom part 3

I get to the operating room and I see the operating table in the middle of the room my heart is racing and at this moment I begin to cry hysterically because I know I’m about to undergo a C-section, my husband isn’t allowed in the operating room so its me , my Dr. and some nurses in this cold room. They push my bed over to the operating table and ask me to get to the side of the bed and  tell me to try my best to move myself over as they assist picking me up to move me to the table. At this point I’m looking up at a big round light and can see the nurses and Dr. standing over me with their surgical mask on.  One nurse is trying to calm me down when I hear them say thay are about to put a  catheter in, she puts the oxygen mask on my face and tells me to try to get some oxygen for my baby. She tells me to hold her hand as another nurse inserts the catheter I’m crying hysterically at this point because it is becoming apparent I’m having surgery at any minute.

After the catheter  is in they strap both of my arms to the sides of the table and the nurse that held me hand says ” look at me, we are going to do everything we can to get your baby out safe and make sure you’re safe okay” I need you to breathe and trust us”  I nod my head as tears continue to fall down my eyes and continue breathing in through the oxygen mask on my face she then  says ” I’m going to have to cut your shirt ok ?” At this point the medicine was starting to take effect because my toes went numb, I could feel the medicine working its way towards my head as weird as that sounds. It started in my feet then it went up to my legs and kept rising. They then poured a brown cold liquid over my stomach I just remember it being cold and my body started shivering like someone just threw some ice-cold water on me. It tingled a lot too. I could feel myself about to pass out because as the medicine continued to take over my body for like 3 seconds I felt like I was suffocating last  thing ” I remember saying was “No, please ,No” because I didn’t want to go under surgery then darkness…….

Pictured inserted above is not the actual surgical room I had my C-section in. Its Just a picture of an operating room I found online



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