My Journey to becoming an Angel Mom Part 2

The cramping continued I called my Dr. it was after hours at this point so I got connected to the nurses line, I explained what was going on and they said they would have the Dr. call me back. I went to lay down and the cramping continued, After laying down for 5 mins I felt we should go to hospital, my husband and I made the drive to my delivering hospital which was about a 25 minute drive away. At this point I’m TERRIFIED!!!!

I’m laying in the backseat of my car rubbing my belly, talking to my baby while tears are running down my face, I’m praying asking God to please protect my baby because I’m getting more and more nervous as the minutes pass.We get to the hospital my husband pulls up and grabs a wheelchair and wheels me inside to the E.R he runs out and parks the car the receptionist in the front asks me whats wrong, I tell her I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I’m experiencing some cramping in my lower belly she asks me who my Dr. was I tell her and they wheel me back to a room The tell me to use the bathroom and hand me a wipe so I can wipe myself so they can do a vaginal exam when I go to use the bathroom and wipe myself, there was a light pink discharge, at this point my husband had joined us in the room, so I tell him to tell the nurse that there is a light pink discharge when I wipe, they help me from the bathroom and lay me on the bed and at this point there are about 3 nurses in the room, one starts a vaginal exam while another puts straps on my belly to monitor my baby girl’s heartbeat.

They see at this point that my daughter’s heart tone is very low, they tell me to switch to my side to see if I get in another position would they be able to get a better read on her heart tone. As they ask me to do this It scares me more because it is becoming apparent to me that something is terribly wrong that they are not sharing with me. They put on oxygen mask on my face and tell me to get on all fours to see if once again changing position would allow them to get a strong heat tone from my baby that they were not getting at this point. The tears start running again because I’m fearing my baby girl may be dying inside of me, they kept saying her heart tone was low and they were hoping having me change positions would cause her heart tone to become stronger. In the midst of them attempting to get my daughter heart tone, they were also taking my blood pressure and  they saw that it was dangerously high, so high they feared I could have a stroke. After changing position for the second time and still getting a low heart read for my daughter they tell me I will have to have an emergency C section, they wheel me to the operating room leaving my husband in the room I just left. As they wheel me down the hallway on the hosital bed all that kept running through my mind was “what’s going on ?? I can’t believe this is happening to me  right now” ” God please look over me and my baby” I get to the operating room and see …….


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